The Commonwealth Party

Putting the Great back in Britain!

About the Commonwealth Party

The Commonwealth Party are a progressive British Political party.

Our fundamental ethos is a belief that Britain should be run in the best interests of its ordinary citizens, with the full participation of the ordinary people of Britain. One for all and all for one!

The Commonwealth party and the State

Whereas Socialists think that the state exists wholly to persecute the exploiters (and usually, once they have got into power, to enable their own exploitation of everybody else) and conservatives believe the state exists soley to help them exploit, the Commonwealth party see the state as a tool of the ordinary citizen.

The Commonwealth party are not against the notion of a 'state' or organized government machine. Rather, it is the effecient organisation of that machine, its democratic accountability and its fairness and principles which concern us.

The state must serve the interests of the individual citizen, not the interests of a handful of influential denizens.

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