The Commonwealth Party

Putting the Great back in Britain!

The Commonwealth Party propose a radical programme of change to British government:

Democracy and Government

*The creation of a more representative and accountable parliament with public voting on all legislation.

*Elections for our Head of State! (a basic human right that our government promotes with extreme violence in other countries, but is denied to UK citizens!!!)

*Abolition of commercial lobbying of politicians

*Harsh penalties for corruption in public life, including banishment for the worst offenders.

*MPs to receive the minimum wage only, plus accomodation allowance and reasonable expenses.

*No more career politicians! A five year term limit on those holding public office, with preclusion from holding office for five years thereafter and no pensions! - Politicians must face the consequences of the policies they enact!

*Local authorities who have employees (or employees of their sucontractors) who earn more than the national average wage will not be allowed to treat inability to pay council tax as a criminal offence.

Housing and Communities

*An emphasis on homes as places where people live, rather than profit centres for the greedy! 

*The reform of housing policy, including greater rights for tenants and an end to profiteering from housing

*Houses which fail to meet maintenance and thermal effeciency standards must not come onto the retail market, either for sale or let. Only registered builders and developers will be allowed to purchase dilapidated property.

*Private tenants to receive a share from the sale of houses which they have lived in and contributed to the upkeep of!

*Putting positive emphasis into our communities by recognising and rewarding voluntary workers

*Right to buy to be extended to private tenants, with discounts in line with public sector tenants.

Roads & Transport

*Lower speed limits in residential areas, higher speed limits on motorways.

*Air travellers contribute a significant and growing share of greenhouse gas emissions, yet pay no fuel duty or VAT! British governments must act to curb the damage being done to our environment by air travel. It is not enough to say that other nations do nothing and so no blame can attach to us if we do nothing also! On a pro rata basis, British air travellers pay one tenth (including airport taxes) of the duty that British motorists pay! We must all be in the fight to save our environment together. Only the Commonwealth Party propose a levelling of the duty paid by all transport users.

*Driving licences to be held on a "rolling assesment" basis with reviews every two years by authorised driving instructors or advanced motoring organisations.

*Subsidised car insurance for under 25's (subject to engine size restrictions) to allow them to gain the neccesary experience to drive safely.


*Stabilising our society through immigration control and recognition of our native ethnicity

*Reform of detention centres - 48 hours maximum stay

                                              - Families not to be separated.

                                              - Right of access for the local community


*The Commonwealth party opposes the use of nuclear weapons and would seek to make Britain a nuclear weapon free zone.

*The outdated oath of allegiance laws of 1868 are not compatible with a society wishing to take its place on the 21st century world stage! Our military and government personell must swear allegiance to the people of Britain!

*Patronage (the Colonel in Chief) of military units must be genuinely inspirational figures, Royal sycophancy will not get us through the challenging years to come.

*In a modern army, Officers need more than tyranny to inspire. All military personnel must start as private soldiers and have a normal working relationship with their comrades throughout their military career. An end to the pampered lifestyles of officers and the military caste system which has let us down so badly in most major conflicts.


*Equal access to grants and loans for young people's development, through work, business or higher education.

*Greater educational freedom for children with more emphasis on childhood than targets.

*Further development of computer and internet based education to allow children (particularly the very young) to spend less time in school.

*Student loan repayments to be waived for those who choose to stay in Britain and contribute to British society through their work and career.


*The Commonwealth Party would put an end to unemployment and its debilitating effect on the workforce. Community based Work opportunities would be organised for those not in gainful employment, allowing jobseekers to keep up to date references and working skills. Receipt of benefits will be dependent on participation in the scheme.

Business and the Economy

*Business development funding to be targeted at the small businessman. An end to government funding of the champagne lifestyles of rich bankers.

*Just as generals always begin a war by using the same tactics from the previous war, so it is with economists, governments and the economy. 'Trickle down' economics may well have been just what 1920's America needed when the Hoover dam was conceived, but 21st century Britain is a different kettle of fish. Large projects such as the Olympic village, or giving £50 billion to the bankers, ignore the fact that our elite bankers will only spend the money on pushing up house prices or buying luxury foreign goods, or the fact that our construction industry relies on cheap foreign labour, who simply send the money back home.   Not so much a 'Trickle Down' as a 'Trickle out'!                                                    The Commonwealth Party believe that 'Trickle Up' economics holds the key to our economic woes, via funding of the individual and the small business.

*An end to businessmen (and women) hiding behing "limited liability". Under a Commonwealth government anyone doing business in the U.K. will have to honour their commitments.

*Tighter control of direct sales organisations (double glazing sales, solar panel sales, etc.) to prohibit unfair sales practices.

*Employers to be accountable for their advertising promises! Under a Commonwealth government, employees (inluding those engaged on a self employed basis) will be able to claim up to a years salary in compensation from emplers who make false claims about remuneration when advertising vacancies.


*An end to the TV licence. Why should we pay for our propoganda?

*The re-introduction of dog licensing.

*Lottery ticket and scratchcard sales to be restricted to licenced betting shops and gaming establishments. Lottery jackpots to be capped and prize money for smaller wins increased.

*The National Trust must cease its quest for exclusivity and elitism! Either all British citizens are by default members of the National Trust, or it is a members club and must lose its tax privilages. The Commonwealth Party proposes free entry to all national trust properties for anyone holding a British passport or birth certificate.


*Sport funding to be targeted at grass roots.

*Free use of school facilities for bona fide childrens sports clubs.

*Support for coaches and others involved in community sports clubs under the commonwealth partys scheme to reward voluntary workers with access to social housing, council tax credits etc.

War crimes and Holocaust

*The Commonwealth Party is the only British political party to recognise as holocaust events, the massacre of jews and others during Germany in the 1930's and 40's, the massacre of christians in Armenia between 1915 to 1923 and the Ukranian genocide of 1932 to 1933.

*The Commonwealth party condemns the deliberate targeting of civilian populations and would review the status of those involved in campaigns such as the saturation bombings of Dresden and Coventry during the second world war, as well as the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. 

Law & Order

*Detention without charge reduced to a maximum of 48 hours.
*Prostitution to be de-criminalised, to improve the safety, working conditions and rights of those in the industry


*Abortion should not be undertaken lightly. Under the Commonwealth party the unborn child would be appointed a representative when the mother requests an abortion. Both would have to put their case before a jury of ordinary men & women.

*The Commonwealth Party would devolve licensing for the sale of alcohol to the individual citizen. The introduction of personal licences allowing the holder to purchase alcohol, subject to a G.P's reference and centrally monitored for signs of health abuse, would form a central part of Commonwealth Government policy. The same licensing system can be used to authorise the sale of tobacco.

*Unnecessary Male Circumcision would be banned for infants and minors. More than half a million boys living in the UK are subjected to medically unnecessary circumcision before their 16th birthday every year.   Cutting the genitals of healthy boys who cannot consent is simply another form of abuse.

Foreign Policy

The Commonwealth Party proposes right of residency on the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) for Argentinian descendants of Falkland Islanders in residence at the time of, what Argentinians call, the "Usurpation" in 1833. Their participation in the process of democratic self determination would be welcomed.

The Environment

Ice core studies confirm that we stand on the threshold of the next ice age. Within the next two millennia, and possibly sooner rather than later, Britain is likely to find itself 20 degrees cooler and under up to a mile of ice! This is the real threat from climate change which we must research and plan for.

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