The Commonwealth Party

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Watch This Space!

The Commonwealth Party are a small political movement, yet our ideas are at the forefront of British politics.

It is no coincidence that many of the policies that we propose are subsequently taken up by the larger Political parties. Tied as they are to big business and foreign interest, the big political parties (or political businesses as we should more properly call them) cannot produce ideas of their own and dare only act on an issue when they have already seen which way the wind is blowing.

Policies first put forward by the Commonwealth Party which have subsequently been taken up by the larger parties or even gone into legislation include:

*Lower speed limits in residential areas, higher speed limits on motorways

*Immigration reform and the closure of detention centres

*Greater rights for tenants including the right not to be evicted from your home.

*Emphasis on community volunteers (the "Big Society" has always been a tenet of Commonwealth Party policy)


What next? You decide.

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